To log into our Facebook account (which manages both pages):

  • Go to Facebook
  • UN -
  • PW - stringersocial

(DJS) Agent Marketing Cloud - link (you will need to be logged into our FB account)

We use Agent Marketing Cloud to boost new listings.

(DJS) Ripl - link (log in by facebook)

We use Ripl to create video slideshows for "Open Homes this Week"

(Both) Canva - (you'll need your log in to your own account)

We use Canva to create image testimonials for both DJS and GCHH

(Both) Facebook testimonial posts (for both DJS and GCHH)

  1. Create the image in canva
  2. Copy the last testimonials post text and paste into start a new post on facebook page (change it slightly to reflect owner, guest, seller, buyer, landlord, etc)
  3. Drag the image you're using and schedule to post Mondays between 5.30am - 8.30am